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Components & Other

Description Price
Water tubes $105 each

Water conditioner (six month treatment)

Water conditioner (twelve month treatment)          

$10 each   

$ 15 each

Shock treatment $30 each
Repair Kit Sachet $10 each
Repair Kit Large (recommended) $25 each


Liners Single Queen King
Stand up liner $75 $85 $95
Soft sider liner $75 $95 $105


Overlays Queen King

Wool underlay

$445 (2140 x 1500)

$475 (2140 x 1800)

Standard underlay $85 (2140 x 1500) $95 (2140 x 1800)

Air extractor pumps                  $20

Heaters Price

Twin heater pack available for dual mattress





Heater electronic complete $365
NB for king size hardsided waterbeds in cooler regions, twin heaters may be preferred.  
Soft Sider Waterbed replacement wooltops

Soft sider covers are upgraded regularly by manufacturers.  Old models are seldom available.  Zips are NOT interchangeable.

We can supply new covers and wooltops to fit many models (colours may vary).

Please contact us to enquire (P.O.A)

NOTE - Prices of components include GST but not freight.