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21. Can my waterbed split open?

This is most uncommon. After all, a waterbed is a pressure-free system. Even if you sit down on your waterbed with the filling inlet open, no water will come out. Therefore in the exceptional event that your watermattress gets punctured, the water will only dribble out very slowly between your mattress and the safety lining.

22. Can my waterbed leak?

Although rare, this can occassionaly happen. Usually any leak is small and easily patched, without the need to drain the mattress. All waterbeds are fitted with a safety liner that ensures that in the event of a leak, no water can run out of your bed.

23. Can my pets damage my waterbed?

This is highly unlikely. The cover that encases every watermattress protects against sharp claws and teeth. There is the chance that your pets may like to lie on your waterbed as much as you do. But who can blame them for that??

24. Will my waterbed sag if it’s jumped on?

No, unlike conventional mattresses, a watermattress does not wear with constant or extra load. The support element in a waterbed, after all, is the water itself and that keeps its properties for ever. So, your waterbed will tolerate not only very high loads but it will also maintain its comfort and spring 100% throughout its life.

25. Can a burning cigarette damage my watermattress?

Yes. Just like any fabric, the cover will be damaged by a burning cigarette. The watermattress itself will probably be singed only very superficially. The water under the mattress surface disperses the heat instantly, after all, so that high temperatures cannot build up in the vinyl. The vinyl of filled watermattress can usually not be punctured by a cigarette. If through carelessness, you do singe your waterbed, sticking on a repair patch will suffice to maintain the normal life of your waterbed. Smoking in bed remains dangerous and bad for your health, of course, even in a waterbed.

26. Can my waterbed be punctured?

Yes, but it is highly unlikely. Sharp objects that end up in your bed by accident, after all, first have to penetrate the thick cover before they can puncture your watermattress. The chances of a puncture can be almost totally ruled out if you use your waterbed normally.

27. Can I mend leaks myself?

Mending a small leak in a watermattress is very easy. Because punctures usually happen on the top side of a watermattress, very little water will run out and you can mend the leak without having to empty the mattress. Repair kits are available from your waterbed dealer. Avoid repair kits intended for other purposes. Once a repair patch has been stuck on, the watermattress is as good as new again. A well repaired leak does not affect the life of your watermattress.

28. Can a waterbed be fitted into an existing bed frame?

A soft-side waterbed can, in principle, be fitted into any existing bedframe. The waterbed, in its entirety, with its own support is fitted into the bedframe. Some types of soft-sides are better suited to this than others. The types with a horizontally divided foam edge are the most suitable. Not only will the appearance be improved by this type of installation, but it will also be easier to use. Some makes offer customisation free of charge, so that your waterbed fits your bedframe perfectly.

29. How is my waterbed installed?

It is best to have a waterbed installed by an expert. In that way you can be sure that is has been installed correctly and that the water volume is right for you. Installation of a waterbed usually takes 1½ to 2 hours. Most of that time is taken up filling the mattress with water. Installation times will thus depend on the flow rate of the water in your home.